Interview with , Co-Founder Of ICOx Innovations KODAKOne Blockchain Executive

Interview with , Co-Founder Of ICOx Innovations KODAKOne Blockchain Executive

Cameron Chell has been an entrepreneur since 1983. He’s a company architect who builds talented individuals to bring new services and technologies onto the market. KodakOne is one of his most recognizable projects, along with BitRail and many other projects he has led as Chairman and Co-founder of ICOx Innovations.

Cameron Chell

Q: You cofounded ICOx Innovations. We would like to know more about your company.

Cameron Chell – ICOx Innovations develops and creates corporate currency in partnership with established brands.

It’s great that it’s a collaborative effort. ICOx partners with big brands to create blockchain solutions. These solutions include user-friendly, regulated and branded corporate currency that can be used to solve real world problems.

Q: Give us some examples of Cameron Chell Calgary brands that you have worked with.

Cameron Chell : Kodak is a very special place in my heart. I was part of the ICOx team that helped to create KODAKOne. It is a digital rights platform for professional photographers that uses blockchain to allow them to have control over the use and disclosure of their photographs. Artists are often unable to track the usage of their artwork. KODAKOne helps artists track their data better, giving them better control of the licensing and copyright for their photos. KODAKCoin, a cryptocurrency that was created by ICOx is used to power the platform and ensure photographers are paid fairly.

Q: What was your favorite project?

Cameron Chell – I’m really enjoying developing BitRail. BitRail is a blockchain infrastructure which allows entities to operate and issue compliant cryptocurrencies for payment within the framework of their own platforms.

BitRail gives companies and institutions an alternative option to expensive credit cards, and other fee heavy digital payment options.

Q: Any advice for budding entrepreneurs

Cameron Chell – I would recommend that you never stop trying. It’s possible for people to not understand your ideas. But, keep at it. Innovation can be difficult and lonely, but it is well worth the effort.

Q: What’s your mantra?

Cameron Chell – I have always believed in the question “What is if?” This has led to so many innovations and projects that began with a little bit of curiosity. People have called me “serial entrepreneurs” and I love that title. There are many great ideas out there, so it would be foolish to focus my attention on just a few.